A Photo Exhibit

Here are some photos that probably shouldn’t make the blog…but in the interest of promoting fine art, they will anyway.  MWAHAHAHAHA.  Crack open that cab sauv.  It’s about to get sophisticated up in here.

I call this one, “Who Woke Who Again?” 

Photo on 10-10-14 at 6.28 AM #3Contrary to appearances, I didn’t rouse myself at 5:15 am, that’s for sure.

This one is titled, “Hey Girl Hey.

hey girl heyJust catching up on the latest gossip.

This photo series is called, “This Town Ain’t Big Enough for the Two of Us.  Also, Zoe Dressed Herself.” 



This piece is called, “Silence is Suspicious.  Very, Very Suspicious.”  

IMG_3246(Me: “Zoe, are you eating cereal?” Zoe, through a full mouth: “No.”)

The following gem is from our recent professional family photo shoot.  During our session, Zoe went rogue and refused to smile unless David threw her into the air or unless the camera was pointed at Riley (in which case she would throw herself onto the floor in the background of the shot and roll like a log towards Riley screaming “cheese!” So helpful.)  

I call this, “Photojournalism at Its Finest, Birth Announcements at Their Worst.”  


Lest you think I’m unfairly picking on Zoe, this photo is titled “WHO Did They Send Me Home from the Hospital With?”


“Call Me Maybe” was the hottest song of the summer.  In 2012.  Hence, I call this photo, “Out of Date.” 


And I’ll pick on myself a bit too.  Our next photo is called, “Why Mom Won’t Ever Be a Craft Blogger”  (alternate title: “Is that Minnie Mouse or V for Vendetta?”)  

IMG_3564“Oh well,” Zoe says.  “I’ve already been exposed to V for Vendetta.  I’m cool with this.”

IMG_3565Zoe then added “eyes” (related: she recently pointed to my eyes and counted 1, 2, then to the lenses of my glasses and counted 3, 4…a wonderful flashback to third grade.)  

IMG_3567After making Minnie Mouse, Zoe requested that I use my mixed media “skills” to create “fire.”  Um, ok, little pyro.  I took my best stab at it, then invited her to paint it.

Things got a bit messy.


The resulting photo is titled, “If You’ve Ever Wondered What Goth Zoe Would Look Like, Here’s Your Answer.”  

IMG_3571I can’t even.

The second-to-last photo in our exhibit today is titled, “Don’t You Dare Pay Attention to that Baby.” 


And our concluding photo, “Nobody Puts Toddler in a Corner.  No One Who Wants to Live, That Is.” 


Beachin’ It With Zoe

So I’ve been really wanting to share about our vacation, but it’s been difficult to find time.  Since Zoe hit 4 months, she’s been much more demanding than she used to be.  I don’t mean that in a negative sense–she’s very happy and easygoing once I give her what she wants!—but she is a chatty little extrovert who requires constant stimulation and activity.

And apparently, very little sleep.

Playin' in pjs

Naps are dumb! Let’s party!!

But it’s great.  For the first few months of her life, I took her on one outing per day and we spent the rest of the day at home.  Now I feel like she wants and NEEDS a faster pace of life, which feels great to have again.

For example, yesterday we went to the gym, the grocery store, play group, our house for a few hours (one of my high school girls came over to chat for an hour during that time,) our friend’s house to meet her new baby, and on a neighborhood walk before Zoe went to bed. That may sound like an alarming amount of activity for a baby, but she seems to crave it.

It’s now Sunday (I started writing this post on Wednesday, if that gives you any indication of what I was talking about.) I better share some beach pictures before we get interrupted again!

Our Beach Vacation

Every spring, my family goes to the same beach in Florida for two weeks.  We’ve been going there since I was 9 and it’s one of my favorite places in the world.  For the last few years, I have gone for a long weekend and then hustled back to work–but now, my job is portable, so Zoe and I stayed for two weeks.

Poor David could only stay for one week, so we decided to drive up together and then have Zoe and I fly back.  I got advice from friends on the supplies we’d need (you need more than you’d think,) made a packing list, started shopping/borrowing a few weeks ahead of time, packed myself and Zoe for the trip, and had the car loaded with our baggage the night before.  It was like I was a real, legitimate adult.  Scary.

We soon found that driving 7 hours with a baby has its ups…and really big downs.

car trip with zoe

We forgot our misery when we arrived and saw the house we’d be staying in for the next 2 weeks.

zoe beach pics

It was a bit over the top.


These were the crazy cats we went to the beach with (add my husband, my parents, and both of my grandmothers.)

photo3This was Zoe’s reaction: PEOPLE!!!!






WHY DO I HAVE TO STOP TALKING TO THE PEOPLE?!! *thrashes about angrily before crashing in fit of exhaustion*


Lessons learned: vacation with a baby is not really a vacation—it is work in a new setting. However, it IS time with family and (in this case) time in one of the most gorgeous places in the world.  I loved seeing the beach every morning, walking by the dune lakes, riding my bike on the woodland trails, and drinking wine while watching the sunset every night.  Seriously, give me a beach and my family and I am the happiest person alive.  Not even hyperbole.

family shot


I am so glad we got to go!!

Look for two new posts soon–one sharing my new mom advice and one recapping my thoughts on an interesting lunch date we had recently.  Thanks for reading!