New to this blog? Have some household chores you don’t feel like doing? Obsessed with my cute kids? Here are a few of the posts I enjoyed writing the most, organized by topic.  Happy reading!



What No One Told Me About Being an Adoptive Mom

Messy Things

For the Mothers Less Acknowledged

Seeing for Two


Zoe’s Adoption Story

October 22

It’s Official! Zoe’s Adoption Finalization (includes a timeline of our adoption process)


Riley’s Adoption Story

Our Journey to Riley: Part One

Our Journey to Riley: Part Two

Our Journey to Riley: Part Three

Our Journey to Riley: Part Four



Your Grace Finds Me

On Mom Guilt & Forgiveness

Loving Our Children Where They’re At

The Background

This Journey Matters

A Parenting Tip

Transformation by Toddler

Two Under Two: My Tips

Focusing on the Flowers

What Motherhood Has Taught Me



He Can Be Trusted

For the Times I Feel Like Moses

Use What You’ve Got

The Sweetest Sound

More Grace



On Having It All: My Journey

Grace in Unexpected Places

Love and Carrots

My Dream


An Empty Room, My Healing Heart

On Impact

Cleaning House

Our Song

A Photo Exhibit

That Time I Betrayed All My Principles (And Loved It)

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