Hi! I’m Sarah.  Welcome to my blog.  I’m so glad you’re here!

I started this blog in December 2012, shortly after my husband and I adopted our sweet daughter Zoe (here’s why we adopted and here’s more about our adoption process). In July 2014, we adopted our second daughter, Riley (here’s her adoption story—part 1, 2, 3, and 4). Becoming a mom is the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me, and I am passionate about being the best mom that I can be to my girls.

IMG_2873I describe myself as a social introvert, meaning I love people but I also need my alone time to recharge.  There are TONS of opportunities for solitude when you have two kids whose basic needs cannot be met without assistance, so I basically walk around in a zen cloud all the time.  Or not.  But I love my life.

A little more about me: I am 32 years old–ugh.  I love coffee, writing, exercising, early mornings, date nights, deep conversations, and shallow television shows.  I am freakishly short (4’11 and a half) and everyone asks “who’s carrying who?” when I am loaded down with two children who total more than half my body weight.

I asked Jesus into my heart when I was five years old, and feel like I finally comprehended grace when I was 20.  I’m still stunned by this amazing gift and what it means for my life.

I am passionate about connecting women with one another, empowering the next generation of women, growth, and authenticity.  I love coffee or hiking dates with friends, my husband, or just myself.

I met my husband on the first day of college.  His friendship (and cute dimples) changed the course of my life forever.  We have been married for ten years, and each year just keeps getting better! He is a pastor, which makes me a “pastor’s wife.”

IMG_7938After college and graduate school, I worked in the nonprofit sector.  I now work part-time as a nonprofit consultant and an adjunct instructor at a local university, and spend the rest of my time caring for Zoe and Riley.  I never dreamed of being a mostly stay-at-home mom (actually, I described it as my worst nightmare) but I love it (most of the time, anyway). We recently moved to North Carolina after almost a decade in sunny Florida.

I started this blog to record my experiences as a mom, but it has become a place to share my heart, faith, and life.  To paraphrase Stephen Covey, “we are all spiritual beings on a human journey,” and I happen to think that traveling together is better than traveling alone.  Welcome to my journey.

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6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi!
    My Mom pointed me to your blog with a link to your beautiful post “Why Adoption?”. I am now going to have to read your blog forever!!
    I’m fifteen and have such a huge heart for the orphan…I pray that God will fulfill my heart’s desire to adopt as He did yours!! Your sweet Zoe is absolutely precious!! God bless you and your sweet family!

    1. Claire!! What a sweet comment!! I have NO doubt that God will fulfill your desire, because I have no doubt that HE is the reason that you have that desire to begin with. I started wanting to adopt when I was 15, too. I had moments of doubt, but it happened for me and it will happen for you! When I was in college, I found the verse “delight yourself in the LORD; And He will give you the desires of your heart” (Psalm 37:4.) To me, this means that if we let the Lord shape and lead our desires, He will fulfill the ones He leads us to. We see throughout scripture that He delights in adoption. So if your heart is moving that way…it’s because you have let Him move it. I’m so glad you’re open to Him and I’m so glad you’re reading! 🙂 Give your mom a hug from me!

      1. Thank you so much for your sweet encouragement!!
        I love that verse; it is filled with such hope! I loved reading about your heart for adoption from when you were my age. I found out about Reece’s Rainbow about a year ago and God completely broke my heart for the precious children listed on there. Once you see their faces its impossible to forget them! Today I will keep advocating and praying for them, but I absolutely can’t wait for the day when I can put that love to action and bring a precious child home.
        I can’t wait to read more of your beautiful writing! Thank you for sharing your heart!!

  2. I am glad you are writing and blogging again. You have an amazing gift and your posts are always so uplifting (and funny). Again and again, I find myself overwhelmingly thankful for your friendship and for how you lead me to question and deepen my relationship with Christ.

    Love you tons!

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