Summer Photo Dump: June and July Edition

Because it’s hard to write words in summer.


Zoe started swim lessons in May.  After her first week (which involved lots of screaming), she decided that she LOVES her lesson and her coaches.  She can now paddle about 5 feet to the wall.  I love watching her swim.


The sweetest little princess you ever did see


Sure, I’d rather sleep in (especially on vacation), but our little roosters sure push us to see some beautiful things.    A 7 am marsh walk in Amelia Island.  IMG_1730

“Yay for early mornings!”


Direct quote: “Look, mama. It’s pretty, because of God.” All the feels…


“Heh heh! Zoe’s asleep and doesn’t know that I’m on her car…”


“Mama, I wanna match Riley.”IMG_4543 IMG_4544 IMG_4545

I cannot handle their cuteness sometimes.


These little kittens did not want their Daddy to leave for his summer work trips.  Mommy did not either. BUT! Thanks to necessity, coffee, and the grace of God, we not only survived–but enjoyed!–two weeks without him!


Cheers to Daddy being back!



“I am hysterical.”IMG_4561

I see what you have to do to get attention around here.” IMG_4562IMG_4578

Sweet sisters.


Getting some work done on a rainy afternoon.  I’ve been teaching a summer intensive, and my students have been AWESOME.  It’s been a blast to teach such an engaged bunch.  I also just got trained to complete 501c3 applications for initiatives and ministries that want to go through the process of becoming “official” nonprofit organizations, and have had a few other fun projects over the summer. I love being a professional AND a mama.


Oh yes! We exist too! 🙂 Date night with my love.


A good summary of how we feel about summer so far.

How is your summer going?!! 

3 thoughts on “Summer Photo Dump: June and July Edition

  1. I’m stopping in for my periodic catch-up with your blog! I’m both happy and sad to learn that you’re on Facebook hiatus, though I did love to read your post about quitting. I really WANT to quit Facebook but, like you, I worry about “missing out” or losing touch with certain people. BUT, see, if people are important, they pop into your mind (like you popped into my mind today). You got me thinking about what I spend my time on and what’s good for my introverted, easily-overwhelmed soul. Anyway, drop me an email if you have time. Would love to hear more about how you’re doing!

  2. Camille has those love bug pajamas. . . too cute!

    You seem to balance work and mom life so well! Also. . . your job sounds super cool. I actually do miss working and my “professional” life. 🙂

    Happy summer!

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