The Waiting and the Harvest

Waiting for something is hard.  Every single day, you look to see if it’s time.IMG_4329But even if you’re ready, it doesn’t mean it’s time.  IMG_4332This is a lesson I’ve been teaching my daughter through gardening.  It’s a lesson I think she’ll be learning for a long time, if she’s anything like her mama.  When it looks like THAT, then it’s time.  Not before.  IMG_4333In the meantime, I tell her, we don’t just sit around.  We prepare. IMG_4337We put in the work.  We pray for God’s blessing.IMG_4338Then one day, it’s time.  And, bedhead and all, we are ready.  IMG_4362 IMG_4363 IMG_4364 IMG_4366 IMG_4367 IMG_4368 IMG_4369Waiting isn’t fun.  But harvest time is sweet.

4 thoughts on “The Waiting and the Harvest

  1. Simple yet so impactful. Love the images here of Zoe working the garden then eating the harvest. 🙂

    Also, I replied to your email but I am not sure if you received it? If not, can you email me from your personal email and I can respond that way.. . thanks!

  2. THIS. Yes. So much yes. The waiting is so hard sometimes. But it is so sweet, and such a time of learning. Throughout our wait for baby #2 (which has been a drop in the bucket compared to what so many people experience, but felt like a sweet eternity based on our past experience) we’ve learned so much about ourselves, each other, our dreams, our family, our faith, etc. The wait was frustrating and disheartening at times, but a beautiful harvesting for us. And now that we are just 27 weeks from meeting our new little love (I cannot find your email address anywhere!), it’s a whole new kind of harvesting and waiting. Lily is struggling to understand that the baby won’t be here like tomorrow. But this is by far the sweetest time of harvesting! Enjoying her last months as our only baby and sole focus, preparing her and ourselves for this wild transition, and celebrating God’s timing and goodness. Amazing! (And PS I really want to squeeze Zoe)

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