The Miracle in My Mailbox

A few minutes ago, I walked out the door for my usual afternoon chore: dump the full diaper pails in the trash can.  Check the mail.  Nothing exciting.

But in my mailbox today, there was an envelope from the Social Security Administration.

Inside, there was a card.

There was her name.  Riley Grace Ourlastname.  There was a number.

And then there were my tears.

After a year and a month’s worth of paperwork, this was the last detail for my last daughter.

Three years ago, when we started Zoe’s adoption process and began what would become nearly three years of continuous paperwork, I read the book “Adopted for Life” by Russell Moore.  He writes,

“Keep yourself from being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of all this paperwork by seeing it for what it is—a labor for the children God is calling to be yours.  You are kind of like Jacob of old, working years of arduous labor for the permission from her father to marry Rachel.  For Jacob, the years of work ‘seemed to him but a few days because of the love he had for her’ (Genesis 29:20)…imagine that Jesus himself is asking you to fill out that stuff, and do it with joyfulness and gratitude.”

I fully embraced that philosophy.  All of the work and i-dotting and t-crossing has been part of our calling to find and love these girls and make them part of our family.  And it’s over.  And they’re ours.

And it still all feels like a miracle.

I couldn’t fill out enough paperwork to earn the right to hear these girls call me “mama.”

It’s all His gift.

Thank you, Lord.

“Praise him for his acts of power; praise him for his surpassing greatness…let everything that has breath praise the Lord.”  –from Psalm 150 

5 thoughts on “The Miracle in My Mailbox

  1. Reading this made my heart swell and my eyes well (with tears), Dear Sarah! Thank you for sharing so beautifully, as you always do. Zoe and Riley are so blessed to have been chosen by God to be part of your and Dave’s family! Praise His Name Forever!
    Lv, Aunt Ginger

  2. I have never met you, obviously, but I adore reading your journey. This blog post made me tear up, as if I was reading the post of a good, personal friend. So thankful to Erin for sharing you with me! 🙂 And I’m beyond delighted that you all share a name now — it just feels like the icing on the beautiful cake that you have all put together already! Much love to you all!!

  3. What a blessing! Congratulations Sarah on the culmination of a great effort. God is good. Thank you for sharing your eloquent, faithful and joyous words. Give Riley Grace an extra hug from me.

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