A Week in The Life

Today, I was thinking through how fun this last week was was when it dawned on me: I was pretty sure I had taken a picture EVERY DAY last week.  This never happens, so I thought it would be fun to recap a week in the life of our family through pictures! (If this isn’t your jam, I totally understand.  This is a really self-indulgent post.  Feel free to skip.) 


Saturday, May 17

We woke up and David and Zoe made waffles.  Chef Zoe was sporting her new monogrammed apron that mama couldn’t resist ordering for her!

Zoe waffles

My dad was visiting for 48 hours, so after he got back from his 5 mile morning walk (go Dad!) we headed out to the beach.

photo 5-5

Zoe loved running and walking along the beach with her Papa!

photo 4-6

After some beach fun and a post-beach Starbucks trip, we returned to the house where Zoe took a nap.  Our day concluded with a playground visit, a stroll through an outdoor shopping mall, and a nice dinner out (complete with wine flight!) After Zoe went to sleep, David, Dad, and I finished our night with Shark Tank and fro-yo.


Sunday, May 18

I took my dad to the airport at 5:30 AM.  David left for work at 7 and Zoe and I went for a beautiful morning walk before getting ready for church.  For whatever reason, Sunday mornings seem to be a hard time for Zoe.  Today, she debuted a new skill: slapping!  And she had plenty of reasons to slap me—I mean, I fed her, changed her diapers, got her dressed for the day, and saved her from heatstroke by not allowing her to wear the long sleeves and jeans she wanted to wear in the 80 degree weather.  THE INHUMANITY!

0518140845David preached and I enjoyed listening to him while Zoe enjoyed the nursery.  After the service, we attended a brunch for our church’s contemporary worship volunteers.

Later in the day, the high school girls’ small group from 2011-2013 had a reunion since everyone is back from college now.  We sat on the Starbucks patio for two hours enjoying coffee, laughter, some tears, and honest conversation. BLISS! While I was there, David and Zoe went grocery shopping for the week.  After coffee, I went to the gym and then reunited with the family just in time for David to leave to prepare for the high school youth group “end of the school year” pool party.  Zoe and I made an appearance at the party about an hour later.  Good times!



Monday, May 19

Zoe and I started our day with a walk on our neighborhood golf course with our buddies Jaima and Jackson while David hit up the gym and went to work.  After our walk, our friend Keri Rose and her sweet new baby, Levi, came to visit for a few hours.  Zoe was enthralled with Levi and wanted him to do everything she does: play in the sandbox, ride in her Cozy Coupe car, have a tea party, dress up, etc.  She tried to show him how, but he just could not get the hang of it!

Eventually, Zoe adapted to his activity level 🙂


Later in the day, our friend McKay and I took Zoe to a local splash park.


We came home and Uncle Kenny visited for a few minutes before a typical evening at our house commenced.


Tuesday, May 20

David went to his theology study group at 7 am, leaving me with a psychotically cranky Zoe.0520140831

I understood her crankiness better when we went to our outdoor stroller workout class and I watched her chew the corner off of a board book.  I opened her mouth to find two teeth popping out of the gum line.  Poor baby!

After class, we went to the park with some friends.  It was HOT.  Zoe loved running around the entire park, playing ball with other kids, playing with other kids’ toys, and spinning on the merry-go-round.  She was devastated when we had to leave and melted down at lunch.  By the time I put her down for a nap (after giving her a dose of Tylenol,) I was exhausted and told David that I would not hate him if he bought me a coffee.  He did.  I spent naptime working on a project for one of my two summer clients.  (Did I tell you I’m consulting again? Yup.  Turns out I can’t stop working.  I like it too much.)  I texted David the following photo of my newly energized self along with a gushy thank you for the coffee.


After naptime, Zoe and I ran to Target for essentials like paper towels and sunscreen.  Later that evening, David assisted with a funeral at church and Zoe and I Facetimed with my sister.  The following adorableness occurred.

Zoe and KelseyKisses for Aunt Kelsey!


Wednesday, May 21

I woke up early and went to the gym before David went to work.  After he left, Zoe and I headed to the aquarium, where we enjoyed the outdoor splash park with 7 friends from our playgroup and their mom (thanks to one of those moms for sharing her guest pass with us.)

0521141048I had a lunch meeting, so David took care of Zoe for me (thanks!!) Later that afternoon, we went to our next door neighbors’ house where the kids played and painted. Zoe thought that painting her face and mommy’s body was the most fun part!

Photo on 5-21-14 at 5.07 PM #2They had so much fun that Zoe fell asleep in her high chair at 5:25.  (In her defense, a visit from the exterminator woke her up about halfway through her usual nap time, so she really didn’t get a lot of sleep!)

0521141714aDavid worked later than usual to make up for his longer lunch break while I did theatrics trying to keep Zoe up as long as possible so she could see David and hopefully not wake up at 4 am the next day.   She ended up going to bed at 6:30 pm, which meant David and I got a LONG evening to ourselves.  He watched the Survivor finale and I did nerdy things like write emails and buy my own domain name (you can now visit this blog at www.journeyingwithhim.com.  Gettin’ fancy.)

photo 3



Thursday, May 22

David played Frisbee at 5:45 am.  The rest of us woke closer to 6 am.  Thursday and Friday were special this week because Zoe and I got to babysit our friend Reese! Her preschool closed for two days but her mom and dad’s work didn’t, so we had a buddy from 8-4 both days!  We LOVED it.  The girls enjoyed coloring together, story time, Playdoh, a walk in the double stroller, baking, playing in the sandbox, and visits from a few friends (toddler and adult) over the course of the day!


photo 1I spent naptime studying up on the Holy Spirit and doing some consulting work.  After Reese was picked up at 4, a former youth group student (now in college) came over with her boyfriend who was visiting from South Carolina so I could meet him, and then Zoe and I wandered through our church grounds (she LOVES to explore there.)  Later that night, my high school girls’ small group came over for the aforementioned Holy Spirit study.


Friday, May 23 

Reese showed up at 8 am.  David and I immediately took the girls to the park before it got too hot  (Fridays and Saturdays are his day off, so he was mine for the day! MWAHAHAHA.)

photo 1I had a meeting to talk about a potential subcontracting relationship doing some grant writing.  David watched both girls for an hour before calling Uncle Kenny for some reinforcement.  The four of them had a blast building tall towers and knocking them down.

photo 2After the girls went down for their naps, David and Kenny went to grab a beer as Kenny had just finished his last final for the spring semester of grad school and David had just received a gift card for a neighborhood gastropub.  I did some consulting work until Zoe woke up.  She was sad that Reese was not up yet, as she wanted Reese to sit in the double stroller with her.  I filled the void in the meantime.

photo 2Zoe was not impressed.

Once Reese woke up, we played outside until she was picked up.  Then our family went to a new-to-us beachfront bar and restaurant with a group of friends.  Things got a little crazy and before you knew it, Zoe was topless and drinking.

photo 3

(I hadn’t realized that I should bring a swimsuit for Zoe.  Luckily, I had a swim diaper in my diaper bag and redneck style was totally welcome at this establishment.  Also, she is drinking water in this picture. Mommy also had a margarita and Daddy had a beer.  Totally fun night.)


Saturday,  May 24

In the morning, we visited our local children’s museum (in a total coup, I was able to buy an annual pass for $35 on Living Social last summer.  Best deal ever.)  Zoe reveled in her chance to do exactly the same thing she did last night, only inside and with air conditioning.

photo 4

After lunch, I wrote for a bit, David worked on his sermon for about an hour, and Zoe napped.  Then I hit up the gym, the family took a grocery store trip, I jumped in the shower, and David and I went off for a date night while Zoe stayed with Uncle Kenny and McKay.  We went to the mall to return two dresses I had ordered online in an effort to make shopping easier (clearly, it didn’t work) and used a Groupon-esque coupon for a neighborhood wine bar.

We have such a fun life and I am grateful for every single moment of it.

2 thoughts on “A Week in The Life

  1. I love reading updates about your/Zoe’s adventures! I wish we were closer, I know Emmalynn would love to play at the beach with Zoe!

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