Zoe’s Fancy Dress Party

Alternate post title: “I am DEFINITELY a stay at home mom now, in case that time I made applesauce in the crock pot didn’t tip you off.” 

Last Thursday, I hosted a little themed party for Zoe and her friends.  I was inspired to throw the party when I looked in Zoe’s closet asking myself, “when will she ever wear all these fancy dresses that other people have given us? We don’t have enough fancy occasions to attend!”


To rectify this total first world problem, I decided to create my own occasion.  I invited a few of Zoe’s girlfriends to wear their fanciest dresses to “Zoe’s Fancy Dress Party,” which I said would feature “fancy snacks and casual playtime.”

I may have gone a bit overboard.




I made these napkin and utensil holders.  WHO AM I?!!

IMG_2547Although it may have made me slightly question my grip on my sanity, as well as my internalization of our culture’s gender stereotypes, I had a BLAST planning and throwing this party for Zoe and her friends  (<–maybe this should be in quotations…I clearly threw this party for myself as much as for Zoe!!)  

It seemed like they had fun too!



IMG_2573The best part of this party was that David was SO supportive of this idea.  He looked at my “fancy dress party” Pinterest board, patiently listened to my menu and decor ideas, helped me clean the house, woke up early to help me prepare on the day of the party, and even planned his work week so that he could stop by for the last 20 minutes of the party! Did I mention that I threw this party for a completely made up reason and had no justification whatsoever for the money and time invested beyond “it sounds like a fun idea?” He is the best husband ever! 

Any ideas for our next themed bash? 🙂

10 thoughts on “Zoe’s Fancy Dress Party

  1. What a delightful post, party, and pictures! And the food and decorations are so creative and pretty! There is definitely JOY in Journeying with Him!!

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