Coffee Date

Here are a few things I’d share with you lately if we were having coffee.

-This last month has been so fun, but busy.  I’m tired and probably need to put the brakes on and try to protect our time a bit more.  Highlights have included our family beach trip, Holy Week, Easter, three Easter egg hunts, Youth Sunday at our church, a date night, graduation open houses, a trip to Orlando for David, a few parties, youth groups, Bible studies, two moms’ nights out for me, many play dates…

photo 1-4


Zoe egg hunt

…here I would probably trail off as I realize that talking about busyness is not that exciting.  But before moving on, I’d reaffirm my commitment to making sure we’re not overly busy in May and that we have a few nights home per week to just be together staring at each other’s faces.

-David and I got to go to a ball last weekend.  The person who traditionally gives the invocation got sick, and although anyone can pray, they felt the need to bring in a professional (which totally cracks me up.)  Enter David, and our free admission to one of the biggest social events of the year in our area.

photo 4-4

Just FYI, general public and fancy event planners, HE IS AVAILABLE FOR MORE OF THESE EVENTS.  Anytime.  Feel free.  You won’t be bothering us with an invitation 🙂

-I finally met my next door neighbor, who is a stay at home mom and has a 2 year old.  I’ve been trying to hunt her down for the last few months to introduce myself because I would hear a child playing in the yard while I was out with my child and I’d think “why are we playing outside in separate yards when we could be hanging out and letting our kids play together?!! I’m supposed to love my neighbor and I don’t even know my neighbor!”

It took a few tries, but we have had a few play dates now and I finally have someone to commiserate with about the music that blasts on a daily basis from the high school across the street.  She texted me last week “are you hearing this music?!! What is with this playlist?!” As we compared the various music we’ve been subject to recently (football team, what’s with the opera music?!! lacrosse team, great dub step) I thought we’re going to get along just fine.  

Plus, she gave Zoe her new favorite possession: an Elmo that snores…and is apparently very thirsty.

IMG_2358A wise woman builds her home, but a foolish woman tears it down with her own hands.  (Proverbs 14:1)

This is not exactly the kind of verse you would want to embroider on a pillow and present to someone at their wedding shower, but it’s always struck me as the kind of thing you SHOULD say to someone as they’re preparing for marriage.

It’s a reminder that the little things I do every day build or tear down my home and my family.  Do I appreciate my husband as a unique person, different from myself and possessing many good qualities, or do I get mad that he doesn’t do things my way? Do I thank my husband for the tasks he completed to help out our family, or complain about the ones he didn’t do? Do I show my daughter that she is interesting and worthy of full attention, or do I give her half my attention as I clean or check things off my to-do list? Do I call my parents and siblings to hear about their lives, or do I call them to talk about mine? Do I pursue my own selfish ambitions, or do what my family needs? Do I use my time wisely or squander it?

I want to build my home.  No question about it.

-On a similar note…I’ve been thinking a lot lately about “speaking life.”  I feel like there are so many opportunities every day to speak life, encouragement, and inspiration into others’ lives.  I pray that I see and use them instead of just wasting or overlooking them.

Then I’d ask a lot of questions about you, because I hate talking about myself for an entire coffee date.  THE HORROR!

What have YOU been thinking about lately? 

2 thoughts on “Coffee Date

  1. I enjoyed that little “coffee date” immensely! What a wonderful idea. I would share that we, too, have been very busy…finishing up school for the summer, taking the SAT, and having production season for the theater company we all work/volunteer/act for! I’m definitely ready for some time to just sit and have nothing to do…:) But at the same time I’m so thankful for all of these little moments and just enjoying this last part of high school before we all go our separate ways! Thanks again for sharing!

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