Day in the Life: 15 Months

If you’re just joining us, I’ve been trying to write a “day in the life” post every 3 months so that I can keep track of how Zoe is growing and developing over time.  And now…15 months!

MARCH 31, 2014

6:00 Zoe wakes David up.  I unwittingly stay asleep.

6:05 am I awake with a start thinking, “it’s already 6:05? David and Zoe have probably been up for an hour! How did I sleep through this?! I have to get out there and relieve him! Poor guy!”

I rush out of bed apologizing and David says “babe, I was trying to let you sleep in!I realize that I’ve thwarted his plan AND the possibility of extra sleep.  Dang.

6:15 I give Zoe a bottle with one hand while typing an email with my other hand to my friend Jaima about the color of Zoe’s snot—things you never thought you’d be writing, much less doing.   [Explanation: we have a play date scheduled for the afternoon with Jaima and her son Jackson.  Zoe has had a runny nose since Saturday, but still has clear snot.  General mom etiquette means that you disclose potential sickness as well as snot color, which could indicate a cold (green) vs. allergies or a non-contagious stage of a cold (clear.)  The more you know, right?]

6:30-7:00 I play on the floor with Zoe while drinking my coffee out of one of my favorite mugs, enlarged here for your reading pleasure:


I bought this mug when I had a job full of “MBS.”  It used to make me smile before I headed to my cube for the day.  I like drinking out of it even more now because what I do is NOT mundane (and it makes me feel edgy.  Don’t box ME in.)

David sits down to eat some eggs and toast.  Zoe suddenly develops an interest in being on his lap.  I wonder why?

Zoe eats daddy's eggs7:00 I make Zoe her own breakfast so she can stop mooching off of daddy.  Toast with PB&J for both of us.  David hangs out with us and talks.  Zoe says “no no no” to yogurt and throws her bananas off her tray.

7:20 David goes to our bedroom to get dressed for the gym.  Zoe trails him.  I pack our bag, water bottles, and snacks for our stroller fitness class and begin cleaning up our breakfast dishes. Meanwhile, back in our bedroom, David tells Zoe where she and I are going.  No joke—she finds my exercise pants, gets David to help her put them on, and comes out to get her stroller.

Just like mommy! Oh wait, I actually strap my child into the stroller correctly…


…and thankfully have not had this type of wardrobe malfunction during class.


We are dying laughing.

7:30 David leaves for the gym.  I toss a load of dirty laundry into the wash and begin getting Zoe dressed.  Today, this involves a tantrum about shoe choice.

Zoe's shoe tantrum

“But mom, I don’t want to wear my brown shoes.  I want to wear my red shoes.
I mean, my silver shoes.  I mean one red one and one
 silver one.  I mean no shoes.
Oh, the tragedy of my LIFE!!!!!”

8:00 Zoe is dressed.  Finally.  I throw contacts in my eyes, my hair in a messy bun, and some exercise clothes on.  We sing a few songs and take a quick selfie before we begin heading out the door.

Photo on 3-31-14 at 8.11 AM8:10 I realize Zoe is leaving the house without shoes on.  WHAT?!! I thought we had already been over this…

8:20 We are off.  Usually, we listen to upbeat and peppy worship music.  Today, we’re listening to our Christian radio hosts share some profound truth about grief and faith.  I find myself sobbing.

8:45 We arrive and meet up our friends Heather and Quinn.  We also meet a new friend, Caitlin, and her little son as we all unload our strollers and workout gear.

9:00-10:00 A great workout.  Zoe happily sits in her stroller enjoying the songs, movement, and an organic cereal bar.  I had asked Heather to take a photo during the workout, but she (and I) are too distracted by the burpees to remember.  (Fun fact: Zoe LOVES recreating all of our moves at home and burpees are her favorite.)

10:10 Heather, Caitlin, and I have taken the babies to the “family bathroom” to change their diapers.  I don’t usually talk about diaper changes when I do these posts, but this one was notable because all three kids were hysterically wailing as we changed them.  House of pain, party of 3.

10:20 Play time at the mall play area.  I love this place because everything is sized well for a toddler, there are no hard edges, and it’s carpeted and climate controlled.  I eat a Greek yogurt as I chase Zoe around, and as usual, she wants some.  Heather DOES capture this moment.


During our playtime, Zoe makes friends with a two year old.  They chase one another around giving “high fives” for a while.  Then the two year old teaches her how to fist bump.  Classic.

11:15 Quinn has his one year photo shoot this weekend, so Heather asks for help finding him an outfit.  She has made an inspiration board for his photo shoot on Pinterest, which impresses me.  We find an outfit right away.

11:25 Zoe is looking sleepy, so we head towards the car, pack up, and hit the road.  She falls asleep about 10 minutes into our drive.

11:45 We run into a minor car accident outside our neighborhood.  We sit there for a few minutes waiting for the traffic to clear.  I can see one of the drivers—a teenage girl.  She is hysterically crying, but is being comforted by a bystander.  The woman is holding her, rubbing her back, offering her a phone, and generally reassuring her.  I am too far away to do anything helpful, but I pray for the girl and thank God for sending this woman to help her and for letting me see this glimpse of humanity outside my door.

11:55 Home. I wake Zoe up and head inside.

12:00-12:15  I take a few minutes to clean up our toys from the morning and switch some laundry while Zoe plays.

12:15 I put Zoe in her high chair and begin her lunch courses: green beans, cheese, multigrain crackers, and cherries.  David comes home and I tell him about our morning.  He says, “you had some deep car rides today.”  Oh, my poor husband.

12:20 My friend/mentor Jennifer from Rochester calls during the green bean course.  I talk with her as I make and eat my own lunch (spring mix with goat cheese, almonds, apple, and poppyseed dressing and some multigrain crackers) and bring Zoe her courses one at a time.


“Stop talking on the phone.  I should be your sole focus.”

12:50 Zoe drinks her bottle while I check emails.

1:10 Zoe throws down her bottle and begins running around energetically.  The car nap has invigorated her.  We play, then I read her some books in an attempt to wind her down.  I tell her to pick the “last time” book.  She chooses a 150 page Curious George treasury.  Nicely played, Zoe.

1:35 I put her in bed and leave the room.  She shouts “NO NO NO” for a while, then says “Dada? Dada?” hopefully.  I giggle and hop in the shower.

1:45 I get dressed, and begin to clean the bathrooms so that I can meet my goal of cleaning them 3 times in March.  It’s the last day of the month and I have no excuse not to meet this goal beyond “I hate cleaning the bathroom with every part of my being.”

2:15 Zoe is still chatting in bed, which is super unusual for her.  I decide to give her 5 more minutes before giving up on the nap and going to get her.

2:20-3:45 Zoe is asleep. I finish cleaning the bathroom, unload the clean dishes and load our dirty dishes from breakfast and lunch (the pants incident distracted me earlier,) clean the kitchen, send our friend Cailin some soy, dairy, nut, beef, and wheat free recipes (her baby has developed allergies and she is nursing, so she has had to dramatically change her diet,) check Facebook and a few blogs, write back to some emails, order some stuff on Amazon, and do my quiet time.  Around 3, I eat half of a Larabar ALT bar and drink some green juice.  Ahh.  This is nice.


3:45 Jaima is not scared of the snot.  We had planned to meet at 4 at a park, but Zoe is still sleeping.  Jaima graciously agrees to drive over with her son who is awake so that we can still catch up (I mean, so the BABIES can socialize.  Right.)  In preparation, I go outside and clean Zoe’s water table.

4:05 Zoe wakes up.  She is not happy.

4:10 Our buddies arrive.  Zoe is so excit—oh wait.  She’s throwing a tantrum.

IMG_2233Eventually, Zoe calms down (although she remains prickly towards me and our visitors and refuses to eat her snack of craisins and kamut puffs.)  Jackson remains unphased and plays with his favorite toy at our house—Zoe’s wooden work bench.


We play inside for a few minutes before heading outside.  Zoe and Jackson love our backyard.  As we play, Jaima and I discuss her latest reading—Happiest Toddler on the Block and Leaning In.

5:05 Zoe cries because David is home (THE HORROR!) and cries again when J&J are leaving. Transitions are a little hard for her right now. After warming up to David and getting over the tragedy of our friends leaving, she runs to grab the dog’s leash and walks to the back door calling “DOG!” with the leash.  I guess she understands our routine.  We call David’s best friend/Zoe’s honorary uncle Kenny to see if he wants to join us for a walk (he does.)  We take the dog for a 1 mile walk.

5:40 We’re back home.  Apparently, it’s “help yourself to a snack” time around here.

helping herself

Since Zoe skipped her afternoon snack, I let her eat her second organic cereal bar of the day.  I also put the box up higher in the cabinet 🙂 I pour a glass of wine for David and me, put out some hummus & carrots, and snuggle with David for a few minutes enjoying our happy hour.


5:50 I begin cooking.

6:10 Zoe eats some dinner—quesadilla, carrots, grapes, and avocado—while David supervises her and I cook.

6:30 David and I scarf down dinner—a pasta and roasted chickpea recipe from Real Simple served with some asparagus.  It’s pretty good, unlike my last Real Simple creation which literally tasted worse than my own vomit during my recent stomach bug (I should be a food critic, I know.)    

IMG_2246While we eat, we give Zoe some “discovery jars” we made for her yesterday during nap time.  These are a Montessori/Reggio Emilia idea that I got from our church preschool and Heather, who used to teach there.  Basically, they are bottles filled with interesting things to explore.  I try to plan a few new sensory learning activities each week.  This one is a hit.

Zoe exploring

6:50 We eat a dark chocolate square for dessert.  David gives Zoe a bath while I do the dishes.

6:55 I realize that Java is suspiciously quiet and find out why.


“Oh, hi! Nothing to see here. Just chewing on some very appropriate dog toys—
one of Zoe’s farm animals and one of her hair bows.  Carry on…”

7:10 David has wrestled Zoe into her PJs.  She comes to see me, then runs into her closet to hide.  We play “where is Zoe?” for a few minutes.


7:15 David and Zoe enjoy their nighttime ritual: sports and a bottle.


7:30 Zoe, David, and I sit on her bedroom floor and read three books together.  Then we put her in bed, hold her hands and say a prayer, and leave her room.

7:50 I switch the laundry and begin writing a quick summary of our day.  David makes some popcorn.

8:10 I show David some research I did for a project we are working on.

8:30 We watch last night’s episode of “The Good Wife” on the couch, then spend some time chatting about where the writers of the show can go from here. I still can’t believe Will is dead.  I put the last load of laundry into the dryer.

9:50 Bed time!

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