Upbeat and Happy Post With Lots of Photos

David told me that it was time for a “happy post without a lot of words and with lots of pictures of Zoe.”  I never realized that my husband had such a vision for my blog’s narrative flow.  Looks like my post on the inevitability of death will have to wait…just kidding! That’s not something anyone wants to think about, much less write about (TAKE NOTES, The Good Wife!!!)

So in an effort to live up to my husband’s creative vision casting, here are some photos along with sparse and upbeat narrative about Zoe’s life these days.


Presented without comment… <–except this one.  Which is HAPPY.

Mel Gibson Zo


You know you’ve succeeded as a caffeine-lovin’ mama when your 15 month old’s favorite part of the morning is “making coffee.”  Zoe is a vital part of our morning operations over here and knows exactly where to find the coffee (and exactly how to break through the “childproofed” cabinet.  Attagirl.)  


Zoe’s skills have real breadth–she knows how to push the button on the Keurig OR drip coffee maker.  However, she prefers the Keurig because K-cups are fun to play with.  

Zoe coffee“My precious”

IMG_2148This should surprise no one…

IMG_2155My child has turned out just like you’ve always expected.  


My sweet friend Jessica recently visited us during her graduate school spring break (because nothing says “college spring break” like turning in for the night at 10 pm and waking up to the sound of baby crying at 5 am!) 

But really, we had a lot of fun.  Jess is getting her Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling with a concentration in Expressive Arts therapy, so naturally we had to do some expressive arts with Zoe.  Analyze this!








While Jess was here, Zoe showed off a surprising new skill: her ability to take a “selfie.”  


“That one was too upbeat.  Time to look pensive.”


Every day is #selfiesunday over here.

If anything needs to be analyzed, it’s probably THIS and not her finger painting…


Finally, I have been attempting to assign Zoe “jobs.”  She loves to help me with tasks like taking laundry out of the dryer, clearing the dishwasher utensil drawer, sweeping the floor with her toy broom, the aforementioned coffee making, and (her latest act of benevolence) feeding the dog.  

Note that I said “feeding.”  Not “watering.”


Good luck staying hydrated, Java!

But really, it is interesting to see how her mind works and how much joy she gets out of helping with household tasks.  It might not be the most efficient way to get the jobs done, but it’s definitely the sweetest!

Hope this fit the bill, David!!

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