Little Moments, Large Photographs

The other night, I had to admit: I officially have a toddler.  My baby no longer looks like this…


Instead, my little one is ready to take on the world…including, apparently, the working world.


Life with a toddler is basically nonstop running around and although I actively enjoy most of the day every day, there aren’t a lot of opportunities to reflect on the things I’m enjoying.  So, I’ve been trying to pull out my camera more to help me remember these little moments.  Here are a few of my favorites lately!

1. Mother-daughter baking.  

Zoe and I have been having a lot of fun in the kitchen together recently.  She loves to help with meal preparation and although involving her makes things messier and slower, it’s fun for both of us.

Zoe baking

On this particular morning in photographic history, we made blueberry-banana muffins. We had a blast stirring, sifting, whisking, and pouring the batter into the muffin cups.

As we watched them rise in the oven, I was awed by my own parenting skills (baking together=precursor to math! Developing fine motor skills! Teaching cause and effect! Providing opportunities to practice helping! Showing that patience pays off in delicious ways!)

I am ROCKING at parenting, I thought smugly as I surveyed the scene without even a twinge of frustration at the thin layer of flour now covering my floor.  I am hands on, creative, enthusiastic, flexible, and willing to provide learning opportunities at 7 am.  Plus, FRESH BAKED MUFFINS FOR BREAKFAST?! Where is my “mother of the year” trophy?! 

20 minutes later, I looked at my sweet girl’s muffin-covered face and wondered, why are you covered in hives? 

Oh yeah, because she’s allergic to blueberries, you idiot, and you just made blueberry-banana muffins.  

I put that imaginary mother of the year trophy back in its box real fast…

2. Zoe’s balloon obsession.  


A few weeks ago, a friend ding-dong-ditched a Valentine’s Day balloon and some cupcake mix on our doorstep.  The balloon was a source of tension for Zoe for a while, as she REALLY wanted to touch it but was simultaneously terrified of it.  Two weeks after Valentine’s Day, she has finally grown used to it and now enjoys walking around carrying it.

The other morning, she woke up at 4:45 am and wouldn’t go back to sleep.  After gulping down her bottle, she catapulted off my lap and immediately raced to turn on the iPod docking station and grab her balloon.  Morning priorities, you know.

Zoe balloon2

3. Playing in the yard. 

Whether we’re walking or running down the street, riding in her Cozy Coupe car, pushing her doll in her toy baby stroller, blowing bubbles, “making it rain” with leaves, waving at cars, stomping on manholes, imitating bird noises, pointing at squirrels, barking like dogs, playing with her water table, picking up sticks, or playing with flowers…we have fun in our yard.

Outside collageI’m thankful we have such a safe and fun place to play.  And I’m thankful that our neighbors aren’t openly judgmental of the bizarre stuff they see us doing (let’s just put it this way: my manhole stomp and “leaf dancing” are a bit…loud.) 

6 thoughts on “Little Moments, Large Photographs

  1. Reese and I thoroughly enjoyed all those cute pictures of her buddy! Reese commented on each one!! Your account of making blueberry muffins was so Anne-like that it brought a tear to my eye and than…….lol!!! Love your writing!!

  2. These pictures made my heart happy. She is too adorable for words, and I love hearing about all these sweet moments! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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