Day in the Life: 12 Months

If you’re just joining us, I’ve been trying to post a “day in the life” post every 3 months so that I can keep track of how Zoe is growing and developing over time! Feel free to read our 3 month6 month, and 9 month posts.  And now…12 months!

DECEMBER 19, 2013

5:30 Zoe begins crying.  She has been asleep since ~7:45 the night before.  I get up and make her a 6 oz bottle of whole milk.  She lays on my lap and I give her the bottle (Zoe has never shown an interest in holding her own bottle–diva) while I catch up on emails and Facebook posts.  Then I make a pot of coffee.

5:50 PLAY TIME! We play with balls, a new “cookie jar” sorting tool that a friend gave us the day before, stacking cups, and Zoe’s activity table.  Zoe has recently learned about our iPod docking station, so at one point she crawls over, points to it and says “dat” (that.) I oblige and we rock out to Jamie Grace together.  As we play and dance, I get through a few passages of scripture and my cup of coffee.  This is my favorite part of the day.  When David gets up with her and lets me sleep in, I am genuinely sad to miss it!

6:30 David wakes up and comes out to join us.  We play for a few more minutes and then everyone eats breakfast: a yogurt, berry, and cereal bowl for David; an oatmeal pancake with yogurt and berries for me; and bite-sized pieces of a whole wheat pancake, banana, pear, avocado, and yogurt for Zoe.  I finish my Bible study as we eat.

7:15 I shower and get dressed while David plays with Zoe.

7:30 It’s David’s gym day, so he heads out to get his workout on.  I give Zoe a bath and wrangle her into fresh clothing.

8:10-8:55 MORE PLAYTIME! Zoe and I do some physical play in her room with her pop-up tunnel and her favorite toy—plastic clothing hangers.  At one point, she decides (without warning) to fall onto her pop-up tunnel hoping it will hold her weight.  No such luck.  Tears.

8:55 I prep us for our morning activity—a trip to the zoo—and we get in the car. I also realize I haven’t taken any pictures yet this morning, so I run back inside to get my camera.  Oops…

9:25 We arrive at the zoo.  Zoe has fallen asleep in the car, which I expected.  She typically takes two naps a day, and this outing is actually during her normal nap time.  I find it almost impossible to go out and do fun things with her if we are strict with the nap schedule every day, so I compromise: I am strict with her afternoon nap schedule every day of the week and have her flex her morning nap around 1-3 days/week so that we can go out and do some mid-morning activities.  Today is one of those “flex” days.  I let her take a 25 minute car nap before we head in to the zoo with our buddies.  As she naps, I listen to the radio and text with my friend Jess.

Nap time

9:40 We stroll into the zoo with our friends Heather and Quinn.  Quinn is adorable, and hence deserves a photograph.


9:40-10:50 Total fun.  The kiddos love the animals, especially the penguins!

Zoe penguins10:50 Snack time.  Quinn has a bottle and Zoe and I each have a quarter of the PB&J sandwich I packed.  Heather and I chat about life and how fast our little ones are growing.

Happy mamas

After this, we visit other animal exhibits (manatees, fish, turtles, bald eagle, snakes, monkeys) and discuss Montessori, Reggio Emilia, and Waldorf at-home activities before heading out.

11:40 Ready to head out.  When I put Zoe in her carseat, she immediately cries (which is her response now whenever we leave somewhere “fun”) so I’d call our outing a success! Zoe falls asleep on the way home.

12:15 We arrive home and say hi to David, who is home eating lunch too.  I wake Zoe up, which takes a few minutes of concentrated effort.  We each eat lunch–bite-sized pieces of a whole-wheat quesadilla, avocado, mixed veggies, and banana for her and a melty avocado/goat cheese/tomato wrap with a side salad for me.  Zoe is NOT happy to be awake and eating lunch.  THE HORROR!


It’s amazing what a little food can do to your mood.


1:00 After lunch, I feed Zoe a 6 oz bottle of whole milk while catching up on blogs and emails.  Then…dog time!

Zoe and dog

It’s hard to keep these two from French kissing.

1:10 Play time! I used to do “reading time” after lunch, but now Zoe wants “crazy physical time” after lunch.  First, she crawls around the kitchen opening the cabinets that aren’t childproofed and finding the surprises I hide for her in them. Then we go back to her room.  General mayhem ensues.

busy girl

Finally, we wind up on my bed for 10 minutes of her favorite game—“1, 2, 3” (she falls backward on 3.)  Massive giggle fits from both of us.

2:00 I try to help Zoe calm down with a few books on the couch.  She looks exhausted.

2:10 I put Zoe in her crib with her sound machine on, say “goodnight,” and walk away.  Instantaneous sobs.  I try to ignore them as I collect the trash.

2:15 Still sobbing.  This week, she has needed me to rock her to sleep for her afternoon naps because she has a little cold.  It’s SO sweet, but I am really on the fence about whether I want this to become a habit.  Regardless, I go in and rock her until she is almost asleep.  Then my nose starts bleeding (random!) I ignore it for a few minutes but the situation is becoming dire, so I stop rocking her and put her in bed.  Her sobs die in 2 minutes as she settles into sleep.

2:30 I finish emptying our trash cans and indoor recycling bins into our outdoor bins and clean up the kitchen and living room.  Then I light a candle and listen to worship music while I write some thank-you notes, respond to a work email, write a few emails related to a project I’m working on and start working on the winter newsletter for the club I am president of.  I also have some yogurt and pear slices.  It’s a great 40 minutes of peace and stillness in my day.

IMG_03523:20 One of my favorite high schoolers shows up.


We are headed to her house this afternoon for a Christmas party.  We catch up for a few minutes before I wake Zoe up (I know–I am being awful about respecting her naps today but I usually am REALLY good about it!) 

3:45 Head to the Christmas party, which is geared towards the three 10 month–13 month attendees and a 3 year old.  There are presents, jingle bells to shake, stuffed animals to hug, a nativity scene to play with, and cookies to decorate! SO MUCH FUN.

Christmas party

While there, Zoe eats almost an entire sugar cookie.  It’s a party, after all.  (I eat a cookie, too.)  I also get a phone call related to my project.

5:05 I put Zoe in the car.  More tears.  We head home and I start chatting with my mom on the phone.  David gets home around 5:20.  I finish chatting with my mom and we take the dog for a walk.  Zoe loves our neighborhood right now with the Christmas lights and inflatables.  Who am I kidding—I do too.

6:00 I start prepping dinner—calzones.  I had a lasagna fail earlier this week (apparently the noodles were “pre-boil” noodles, which I don’t usually buy) so I scraped out the totally functional sauce, pesto, cheeses, and sautéed veggies from around the burnt noodles to re-use in calzones.  Making lemonade out of lemons is so 2012—the cool kids of 2013 make calzone out of burnt lasagna.

6:20-6:50 Dinner time.  Zoe eats bite-sized pictures of calzone, mixed veggies, and finishes her yogurt from earlier today.  David and I eat calzones and salad and make plans for the next day (which is his day off…I am working until 2:00.)  I begin prepping for the high school girls Bible study that I lead.  Tonight, our theme is “holiday party” so prepping involves cleaning up from dinner, getting hot chocolate and mugs out, and preparing our cookie-baking supplies.

7:10 David and I are getting Zoe in her PJs when the first student shows up, 20 minutes early.  We catch up as I finish prepping for the party.  Zoe is slowly melting down.

7:30 The sound of high school girls (and a few girls who are back from college and wanted to come too!) fills the house as David puts Zoe to bed with her last bottle of the day (8 oz.)  She is tired, probably because I didn’t respect ANY of her naps today, so she falls asleep in spite of the noise.

7:30-9:15 PAR–TAY.  Cookie-making and eating, Christmas music, YouTube video watching, stories, and laughter occurs.


I eat another cookie and wash it down with some soy milk.  Yum.


9:25 The last student heads out.  I look at my dirty kitchen and decide to clean it in a few minutes.  I sit down.  I’m an introvert, so I always need a few minutes after events to recharge.  This time, I write an email to my prayer group.  David comes out and starts cleaning the kitchen, which is very nice of him.  I eventually get up to help him.

9:50 David and I cuddle on the couch for a few minutes and watch Tuesday’s episode of “The Daily Show.”

10:15 We get ready for bed and hit the hay.

What a fun day!

3 thoughts on “Day in the Life: 12 Months

  1. Dang girl you are busy!! I should do a post like this just so I can look back and see what we were up to. It’s sweet that you and David spend a little bit of time together throughout the day!! Can’t wait to meet Zoe some day!

    1. I am so glad I did these posts! I love looking back and seeing how much Zoe has changed and what my daily life looked like in the different stages. So many moms told me they couldn’t remember what their child did at 3 months vs 6 months vs 9 months…I have a way of knowing now!

      And it’s hilarious that you say I’m busy! I feel like this day was just partying and having fun all day…working moms like you are much busier! 🙂

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