Guest Post: How Pinterest Almost Killed My Kid

(My apologies: an earlier version of this post was password protected.  Note to self: find out what buttons do before pushing them.  Anyway…)

Meet Heather.


She’s one of my best friends, a fantastic mama to the little bee you see there, a loving and devoted wife, a talented youth professional, and the owner and executor of some pretty fly dance moves.

She’s also Zoe’s future mother-in-law.  Thank goodness, because she is very reasonable.

Unless it’s Christmas time.  Then the following happens. 

Take it away, Heather!


So, I thought to myself, “Hey! I’m pretty good with my camera! I could totally pull off those beautiful photos that I see on Pinterest for Christmas cards.” Somehow I not only managed to miss my mark, I feel like I may have flirted with serious danger to get these “easy, do it yourself” shots. Here’s how it went down…

Pinterest-“Plug in some lights and snap the sweet reaction of your child. Insert into Christmas card. Wow friends and family.”


Reality: Plug in lights, hand to child, pull out away from mouth, try to get picture, pull out of mouth, wonder why Pinterest didn’t warn against electrocution, snap picture before pulling lights from baby’s mouth.


Pinterest: Nestle your sweet babe amongst fluffy pillows to get wintery vibe. Isn’t she precious?


Reality: “Hey! I have some furry pillows! Hold these and smile Quinny! Wait no…don’t bite them!! Is that hair in your mouth?? Did you swallow it??


Pinterest: Hand your child a beautiful ornament. They will smile happily at the camera. Aren’t they the sweetest little child?


Reality: “Here, baby! Look at the pretty ornament! …wait…not in your mouth! Ugh. There! Cheese! No, baby, out of your mouth!” Snap picture.

*While trying to get photo, glass ornament falls to the ground and shatters*

Quinn gets upset because he’s trying to poop and can’t do it in awkward position.

Change Quinn’s diaper and place him back in position. “Let’s go simple…”

IMG_5776Nailed it!

So, yeah…I think I learned my lesson with Pinterest! Simple is better! 🙂

Thanks, Heather, for sharing this gem (and dire warning!!) with us.  Friends don’t let friends Pinterest! Also, start your own blog…you are hilarious! 

One thought on “Guest Post: How Pinterest Almost Killed My Kid

  1. Hahahaha. This is awesome. I’m pretty sure the children in the Pinterest photos aren’t real. They’re animatronic. They’re looking so much more life-like these days!

    Also, my favourite picture might be the one of Quinn crying. The first Christmas after my friend had her son Elliot, she sent out a Christmas card with a family photo. Beth and Dave were smiling happily with their little bundle of joy, who was screaming. It was an awesome card. Though I wonder if she chose a more “traditional” (i.e., not crying) photo for grandparents and such.

    I am getting a Christmas card this year, right? 🙂

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