Day in the Life: 9 Months*

(*Yes, Zoe is actually 10 months now but I am just now getting around to posting this “Day in the Life” that I wrote when she was 9 months old. Putting in the photos was my hang-up!  Forgive us–I’ve been just a bit busy over here!)

If you’re just joining us, I’ve been trying to post a “day in the life” post every 3 months so that I can keep track of how Zoe is growing and developing over time! Feel free to read our 3 month and 6 month posts.

The 3 month post has all my “disclaimers” about this project, but to review: I am not Martha Stewart and do not kill myself to keep our house clean or make elaborate meals, I work part time, Zoe is bottle fed, my husband works down the street and stops by a lot, and I do not detail diaper changes in these posts because that’s boring.  And without further ado, here’s our day!

SEPTEMBER 17, 2013:

6:00 am Zoe screeches to wake me up.  She has been sleeping through the night most nights recently and tonight was no different.  SCORE!! I get up and make her a bottle and let David keep sleeping.

6:10 Zoe enjoys a bottle while I start my quiet time: an online study on Daniel.

6:30 Zoe and I sit on our living room rug.  She plays while I drink my coffee and try to finish my quiet time. I say “try” because I don’t think you can truly call it a “quiet time” if a toy is screaming “ROW, ROW, ROW YOUR BOAT, GENTLY DOWN THE STREAM” on a loop as your baby presses the button over and over again.  We roll a ball back and forth and Zoe gets really excited about it, so I get all of her balls out for optimal ball play.


6:50 Daddy comes out.  The following adorable scene takes place (click it to enlarge if you want and imagine a baby voice saying “dada!!!” for full effect)

David and Zoe 2

6:50 David and Zoe throw a toy to “dog” a few times before he leaves at 7:00.  After he leaves, Zoe and I continue her “dog” theme by playing with the dog bed and reading a book about dogs.

Zoe and dogsZoe’s latest “leap” is supposed to be categories.  Can you tell?

7:15 Breakfast for both of us! Zoe eats Cheerios, banana, yogurt, & corn (hand feeding herself everything except the yogurt!)  I eat an oatmeal pancake with yogurt and blueberries.  While we eat, we listen to a morning worship playlist I recently made on my new obsession, Grooveshark.

8:00 I clean Zoe, her tray, and the floor up and we both get dressed.  If you haven’t heard, getting dressed is a HILARIOUS game also known as “keep away!”

Zoe clothes

Needless to say, it takes a while to get clothes on her body.

8:30 I put Zoe in the stroller and we take “dog” on a walk through the neighborhood.  Zoe eagerly looks for cats, pointing and shouting “CAT!!!!!” whenever we see one.  I come up with a joke: what diagnostic test does Zoe perform on our walks? A CAT SCAN.  I tell Zoe and Java and neither of them laugh.  May need a little work…

9:00 We’re back home! Zoe has a bottle while I read blogs.

9:15 Zoe falls asleep.   I catch up with personal and work emails, type up our day so far, and do some dishes.

9:45 I have a business call for a nonprofit board that I’m a part of (I’m actually the president, which I thought would be “fun.”  We haven’t gotten there quite yet.) I fold laundry in between referencing documents.

10:25 Off the phone.  In a very rare moment of stay-at-home-momdom, I don’t know what to do with myself next.  This particular work week I am working 14 hours total facilitating workshops, but I’m working with a team that’s doing all the prep work so I don’t need to do anything ahead of time.  Since I’ve been working more hours than usual for the last two weeks, I’ve been a freak about time management and I’m caught up with my chores.  There’s…nothing to work on.  Weird! Wracking my brain, I decide to clean the bathroom, then realize that David’s best friend has all of our bathroom cleaning products at his house.  I text him and ask him for it back, wishing it could teleport to our house.  Then I putter around anxiously.  I hate unstructured time so much.  AHHH!!

10:45 Zoe wakes up and I pounce on something to do.  This is her face when I go in her room:


I talk to her in an animated voice and she slowly wakes up.  She’s SO CUTE!


As soon as she seems ready, we head to playgroup.

11:05-12:15 Tuesday playgroup! I love these women and babies so much.  I’ve noticed lately that if Zoe is not sitting on my lap while she plays, she wants me to be right next to her.  She frequently checks to make sure I’m still there by reaching her hand back to feel me.  If she can touch me, she’s okay.  If she can’t, she turns around, holds her arms up, and cries until I pick her up.  It’s sweet.  I stay right next to her as she excitedly plays with new toys.

12:25 Home from playgroup and time for some lunch.  David is finishing up his lunch and Zoe enjoys greeting him before he heads back to work.  For lunch, Zoe eats peas, yogurt, peaches, and bread with pesto (my little foodie!)  I top a whole wheat pita with pizza sauce, goat cheese, & mushrooms and bake for a little “pizza” lunch for myself.  A few bites in, I begin to feel sick.  I have a hard time finishing the meal.  (Postscript: I realized a few days later that the pizza sauce had gone bad!! Eww, and no wonder…)


While we eat, we listen to Zoe’s “Nursery Rhymes” station on Pandora.  I try to pay attention to her reactions to songs and “like” or “dislike” the songs so that it’s truly Zoe’s station.  Her station has slowly merged into Motown with the occasional Barney.  That’s my girl.

Zoe begins dancing and waving her hands to the music, so I hand her a spoon that she can beat to the rhythm.  She loves rhythm.

IMG_1516After a while, I take the spoon away so that I can clean her up.  THE INHUMANITY!


1:15 Bottle time! I catch up on news on while Zoe drinks her bottle.

1:30-2:15 One of the rhythms I’ve tried to set in our day is an after-lunch “reading time.”  We cuddle on the couch and I pick out books based on what Zoe has been around lately (if she’s shown an interest in cars, I get out our car book…if we’ve been around animals lately, I get out animal books…if we have been around other babies, I get out books with photos of babies…if she’s been making a lot of sounds with her mouth, I get out books that let me make funny sounds…why am I still typing? You get the gist.)  At first, Zoe just tried to eat the books and/or hit me with them, but now she actually sits on my lap, listens, and turns the pages.  She is also really into “lift the flap” books.

David happens to stop by to make a cup of coffee and takes our picture.  Aww.


2:15-2:30 Zoe has been teething for the last 2 days, so in a “teething only” act she lies down on me and just relaxes.  I point out shapes in the ceiling (in related news, we are getting our roof redone soon…)

2:35 I lay Zoe in her bed.  No protest whatsoever.  Then, I Facebook a little, catch up on our day on this blog post, and read a book.   As mentioned, I don’t have much to do today.  My stomach is still hurting and I don’t feel good, so taking it easy actually appeals to me on a physical level, if not a mental one.

3:15 Although I don’t feel better, I decide to get up and accomplish something.  I dust the house.

3:45 Zoe wakes up.  I want to take her to the park today so I get us changed into “park appropriate clothing” (for her, a swimsuit, sunscreen, and sun hat) and put her in the car.

4:10 We arrive at the park! It’s a beautiful waterfront park with a splash pad and playground.  I take Zoe through the splash pad, push her on the baby swing, and help her “climb” and pull up on the toddler playground.  We meet a 3 year old girl who wants to talk and sing to Zoe, so we hang with her and her grandmother for a little bit.  Zoe loves big kids and is very happy to be around one.  It’s so cute 🙂

4:50 We leave the park.

5:05 Home! Time for a picture…


…and our usual family evening dog walking session.  We spy lots of cats!

5:30 David gives Zoe a bath and changes her into her PJs.  Meanwhile, I make an easy dinner: vegetarian burritos and salad for David and me, and carrots, pears, peas, and pieces of whole wheat tortilla with almond butter for Zoe.

5:45 We eat dinner.  Note to self: don’t eat burritos when you have already been feeling sick to your stomach.  I feel worse.

6:15 Dinner’s over.  We play with Zoe in the living room.  She is REALLY into standing these days and shows off her tricks!


She also gets interested in my camera and takes a selfie.


6:50 Zoe starts rubbing her eyes and looking sleepy, so I begin her wind-down ritual for bed and give her a bottle.

7:20 Zoe is really cranky but won’t go to sleep.  I bring her back out to the living room and try to show her some toys and books.  She is very disinterested and keeps rubbing her teeth and crying.   I think her teeth hurt.

7:30 I don’t know what to do with her, so I decide to try something new.  I give her a cold teether from the fridge and let her lay on David and me for four songs worth of a “Praise Baby” DVD someone gave us.  She has only watched TV once before (when I was sick and David was out of town…such a bad combo) and she seems soothed and intrigued by the novelty.


7:45 I don’t want her to watch any more TV.  She is obviously tired but disinterested in playing, so we take her for another loop around the neighborhood in her stroller.  It’s almost dark outside.  This finally seems to calm her and let her know it’s bedtime.

8:05 David gives her another few ounces of her bottle and lays her in bed.

8:20 Bedtime sticks…for now! I’m working most of the day tomorrow, so I prep Zoe’s food for the day for her sitter and pack my lunch.  My stomach STILL hurts, so I sit through yesterday’s episode of “The Colbert Show” and call it a day. I’m in bed by 9:00.  David stays up because he is not 85 years old.

I can’t believe that next time I write one of these “day in the life” posts, my baby will be ONE YEAR OLD.  I am indescribably grateful for every moment with this beautiful and perfect gift from God and I am trying to savor every day!


5 thoughts on “Day in the Life: 9 Months*

  1. Oh, Dear Sarah~thank you for this reminder of what you and my daughter and other Moms go through in their busy days! Of course, it is all the more special to me because it’s about my dear nephew, David, his beautiful wife, and our delightful grandniece, Zoe! So enjoy your writing! I’ll be sure to share this one w Tennille as I’m going to LA tmrw to spend a week with my grandsons~YAY! (As you may hv noticed, you & David are now secondary reasons for visits from parents/grandparents;)
    Blessings & hugs

    1. Thank you! It’s funny because the last two times I’ve done these posts, people have commented on my “busy days” and they didn’t even seem like busy days to me 🙂 When you love your children, I guess it just feels easy! I hope you enjoy LA and your grandsons!! Thank you for your love for our family!

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