Day in the Life: Six Months

I did this when Zoe was three months old and thought it would be fun to do an update!

June 4, 2012

5:30 Zoe wakes up and starts chattering happily.  She had been asleep since about 8:00 pm the night before.  Thank you, Zoe!  I get out of bed; David keeps sleeping.  I make a bottle and go in to her room to get her.  She gives me a HUGE smile, an excited shriek, and a hug.  My heart melts.  I change her and begin feeding her.  I sometimes pray during her morning bottle; today, we watch an episode of Sex and the City.  Pretty much the same thing, right?

5:50 We play while David gets up, showers, and gets ready for the day.  He’s commuting back and forth to seminary this week (it’s about 1.5 hour away) and he’s not feeling well so he decides to stay up there tonight instead of coming back home.  He packs his clothes while I pack him some snacks and medicine, and Zoe plays happily on a blanket on the floor.

6:25 David leaves.  Zoe and I play for the next hour, rotating through tummy time, Bumbo time, singing, and pretty much every toy she owns while I drink a cup of coffee.  At some point, I eat a bowl of cereal with blueberries.  This photo isn’t from today (I hadn’t had enough coffee yet to realize I should be taking photos,) but it shows her cute playful side.  Could I be any luckier?!


7:05  Bath time! As soon as I get a clean Zoe out of the bathtub and onto her changing table, she projectile vomits all over me and herself.  I clean her again (plus her changing table and myself!)

7:25 I fold some laundry while Zoe “helps.”  She LOVES it when I fling laundry on her and let her shake it.  We also play peek-a-boo with her clean PJs.  So cute.  At one point, I have to go put some laundry away into the hall closet.  As soon as I leave her room, she starts screaming.  This is probably a good place to note that she is developing separation anxiety!

7:40 Zoe goes down for a nap.  I change into some gym clothes because I’m hoping to go to the gym when she wakes up, make our bed, do some dishes, respond to some work emails, and give some feedback to my mom and her friend on the rough draft of their nonprofit’s newsletter.  I’m just about to start folding some laundry when…

8:25 Zoe begins squealing.  Bottle time! However, once I make her bottle and go into her room…she is asleep.  WEIRD.  I back out slowly and fold laundry while listening to Andy Stanley’s “Breathing Room: Choosing to Cheat” sermon.  After hearing it, I send it to my parents and some close friends.  It’s a doozy.  Then I put laundry away.

9:15 Zoe’s up again! Bottle time for real.

9:35 We’ve missed our window to go to the gym this morning and the childcare hours won’t allow us to go this afternoon.  Bummer.  I shower while Zoe kicks on her playmat.  Once I’m out of the shower, she watches me get dressed while she lays on the bed playing with my towel.


Selfie time!


10:05 We head out the door to our Tuesday morning playgroup.  This week, playgroup is a few blocks away, so we walk! Zoe has a blast playing with new toys and staring at her friends.  Usually, I love playgroup too, but I feel like my brain is moving slowly today.  I drink a few sips of coffee and still feel dead.  I try to talk as little as possible to the other moms (and just listen) because forming sentences feels really challenging.

11:20 Zoe is having a meltdown, so we begin our 8 minute walk home.  She falls asleep on the way home, so I transfer her to her bed while I make some lunch: a spring mix salad with almonds, goat cheese, craisins, and poppy seed dressing and a multigrain roll.

11:45 I sit down to eat with “The Week.”  Zoe is screaming.  Maybe she’ll drift back to sleep?


11:50 Nope.  She is distraught.  I get her out of bed, hold her for a few minutes, and let her cries of desperation die down.  I put her in her chair while I finish eating.  She really wants attention, so I read her sections of “The Week” out loud in between bites.  Zoe is now well versed in last week’s world events.

12:25 Bottle time.

12:40 Zoe falls asleep with 0.5 oz left.  I seize my moment to check a few blogs, finish filling out some pre-employment paperwork (I’m going to sub some Friday mornings next year at our church preschool,) write a letter to my friend Erin because we’re both trying to write more snail mail, get “caught up” on our morning on this blog post, and research a few purchases for starting solid foods.  I tentatively put three things in our Amazon cart.

1:15 Zoe wakes up.

1:20-1:40 I finish my research while holding Zoe and singing all of her “standards.”  Multitasking!  I pull out all of our baby utensils/serving dishes to see what we already have, and decide to go to Whole Foods and Target to price and buy a few supplies to get us ready for The Great Solid Food Experiment of 2013 (happening Saturday!)

2:00 At Target,  I return something, open a Target Red Card, buy 4 containers of pureed prunes and pears, and price a Fisher Price booster seat (cheaper on Amazon, so I don’t buy it.)  I also get a tall soy latte at the in-house Starbucks. At Whole Foods, I buy frozen organic peas and butternut squash to puree for Zoe.  For the adults, I buy some on-sale wine and blueberry scone mix.  I finish my latte and marvel at the clarity I feel.  Hurray! 

3:15 Home.  I unload everything in the rain and make a bottle.

3:40 I listen to music on my computer.  Zoe falls asleep eating her bottle.

Photo on 6-4-13 at 3.43 PM

I enjoy the preciousness for a second, then put her in bed and buy the booster seat and my other items on Amazon, email David, clean two bathrooms, dust a few rooms, and wash all of her utensils/serving dishes while listening to this playlist of worship music.  My solids stuff, including today’s store purchases, so far: (the cookbooks are on loan from the library…I’m planning to do a mix of making my own food + purchasing some food) 


4:15 Zoe is up! I leave her in bed for a few extra minutes I finish getting Clorox out of my sinks.  Sorry, Zo.

4:30 A handyman is here to fix our broken bedroom fan.  Zoe and I play and stay out of his way.  She slowly melts down.  I wind up just holding her and singing to her.  Hope the handyman liked his soundtrack…

5:00 I make a snack plate—a few carrots, a few cherry tomatoes, and some hummus.  Zoe screams.

5:15 I put her in her PJs.

5:20 The fan is fixed! The handyman leaves and we call David and talk to him for 20 minutes about his day until Zoe starts screaming.

5:45 Someone is EXHAUSTED.  I feed her and she falls asleep 3 oz in.  Uh oh.

6:00 I make a tuna wrap from The Organic Family Cookbook by Anni Daulter (that cookbook is my new obsession—every recipe I’ve tried has been great!) I eat it with some of the potato salad I made last night and some raspberries.

6:30 I log in remotely and begin working.  I respond to emails and then work on compiling a report on our spring programming for our Board of Directors.  I’m interrupted at 6:50 when Zoe wakes up wanting the rest of her bottle.  Luckily, she gulps it down in 5 minutes and falls back asleep.  I work for 1.5 hours.

8:00 Done with work!

8:10 Zoe wakes up screaming. I soothe her back to sleep.

8:35 Zoe is asleep again.  I’m pretty beat, so I decide to write this blog post, wash some bottles, put a check in the mail, and look for some plane tickets for an upcoming trip to my parents’ house.  Wild night!

9:00 I decide to have a glass of wine.  This happens.


9:20 After Googling the situation and trying a few suggestions, I still haven’t been able to get into that bottle.  I give up, talk with my mom for about 30 minutes on the phone, buy my plane ticket, eat some cherries and a square of dark chocolate, and get ready for bed.

10:10 Go to bed.

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