5 Months Old

…and a total spitfire!!


Personality: we aren’t lacking.

Zoe is 5 months old.  This is a total cliche mom blog post, but I thought I’d do a little update on her growth and developmental milestones.

Height and weight: She is probably 15 pounds now and even though she is allegedly in the 75th percentile for height, she’s tiny compared to other similarly-aged babies in our playgroup and friend circle.  Everyone always says “she’s so little!” when David carries her or when she’s lying on the floor.  (When I carry her, everyone says “what a big baby!” or “who’s carrying who?”  Perspective, I guess!) She IS over 2 feet long!

She wears size 2 diapers and is still wearing 3 month clothes.  Most 3-6 month clothes still seem too big right now.

Rolling over: She did it once, then started screaming in terror.  She hasn’t done it again.

Laughing: I get a laugh about once a day.  Her comedy standards are pretty low—if I cough, sneeze, run into something, drop something, jump dramatically, or giggle like a “Valley girl,” chances are she will laugh.  I told David the other day that my Master’s program was a total waste—I should have gone to clown school instead.

Singing/talking: This child LOVES to hear her own voice, and she has no volume control.  We’re in for it.


“and another thing…”

Dancing: I suspected Zoe was starting to dance a few days ago, and today she confirmed it by shaking her hips to Elvis a few times throughout the day when I held her in a standing position and played “Hound Dog!!” I’d like to think I laid the foundation for this one—since she was a newborn, I’ve been putting Zumba YouTube videos on and dancing with her 🙂

Teeth: She has two coming in.  In the meantime, her main life objective is to put everything in her mouth.  Nothing is too weird or germy, and everything WILL get in her mouth—even if she has to make her servant hold it there for her.

IMG_0892Food: Zoe eats 5-6 oz of formula or donor breast milk every 3-4 hours.  We’ll start solids next month, which should be messy fun!

Schedule: She usually only wakes up once per night (between 2 and 5:00) and then sleeps until sometime between 5-7 am, when she starts a 2.5-3.5 hour eat/play/nap cycle.  She takes 2-3 naps per day.  Most of her naps are really short—25 minutes—but occasionally I will get a nice 1.5-2 hour nap out of her.  She usually crashes for the night between 6 and 6:45 pm.

Zoe loves:
-Music—especially Jim Gill, The GiggleBellies, VeggieTales, and the “ABC” song.  Yes, teenage boys at the stoplight yesterday, I WAS rocking out to “Hands Are For Clapping.”  While you were smirking at the music drifting out the window, we were learning valuable lessons like “hands are for clapping, fingers are for snapping, toes are for tapping.” Who’s too cool for school NOW?!

-Her Uncle Kenny

-Hurting mommy and daddy by pulling on their hair, face, mom’s earrings, or pinching them

IMG_0943“heh heh”

-FaceTime with her Gigi, Papa, Aunt Kelsey, and Grandma and Grandpa

-Her dog (also, she just noticed that we have fish last week and is really into them!)

-Her play group and the developmental class I take her to.  She loves the scarf, bubbles, and parachute activities and screams in excitement.

-Kicking and bridging.  Her legs are constantly in motion.


Zoe tolerates:
-letting mommy go to the gym a few times a week while she goes to the child care area (YAY!)

-the car, but only while we’re moving.  In Zoe’s book, traffic laws were meant to broken.

-the pool (she keeps her face perfectly calm, like “if I don’t betray any emotion, maybe this will stop.” We’re starting mommy-and-me swimming lessons soon and I’m hoping that it makes her feel a little more comfortable.)

Zoe hates:
-when she is not constantly stimulated—none of this “lounging around and cuddling” business for her.  If I don’t present her with something new roughly every 5 minutes, she will scream…so we keep a full schedule and do multiple activities every day.  She keeps me on my toes!

-sermons at church. Tough luck, kid.  This is your life.

Anyway, I am having the BEST time with my little girl!!! I do miss working, but I’m so thankful that I get to stay home with her and enjoy her.  Yesterday we had morning play time, went to the gym, went to her developmental class, came home for a bit so she could nap, went to the park to meet some friends, came home and went on a family walk, and then had some family play time at home before we put her to bed and had adult time.  I just thought WOW…this is the best day I could have possibly imagined, and it’s my everyday life.  I am so blessed!

Photo on 5-12-13 at 8.45 AM #3

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