New Year’s Eve, 5:40 am

Waking up at 5:10 on New Year’s Eve is the new staying up til midnight! You know it’s a wild party when one of the partygoers passes out 30 minutes into drinking!


But really.

I get excited when Zoe wakes me up this early because after I feed her, she usually falls asleep…but I’m already awake enough that I can’t go back to sleep.  It’s like Zoe wants me to make myself a cup of coffee and settle in for some sweet writing and reflection time! Twist my arm.

Every year around the 31st I spend some time reflecting on the past year—what went well, what didn’t, what God did in my life, what He taught me—and then I spend some time determining where I feel God directing me for the next year. This year, I probably won’t have a ton of time to sit down and write it all out and make visual representations of my year (my usual process—yes, I’m a nerd,) but I’ve found that the first few weeks of motherhood have already provided a lot of opportunity for reflection.  I’ve thought about the kind of mama I want to be, the kind of family life we want to provide for Zoe, the type of relationship I want to have with her and with David, and the sacrifices and behaviors that go along with that.  And every day I feel those yearnings strengthen and it becomes more and more clear to me HOW to live out those intentions.

So today as I was rocking Zoe, I wasn’t thinking about what I should do this year—I was just reflecting on the past year and what God has done.  Almost every year, I find that there is a central theme to the things God has taught me that year, and that theme can almost always be summed up in one word.

For example, in 2004, the word that came up over and over again was “faithfulness.”  This word (and this characteristic!) were so present in my year.  I reminded myself of God’s enduring faithfulness as I nervously trucked off to college, only to find that the college had selected “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” as the opening hymn for the year.

2005 was an awful and painful year in many ways, but I still couldn’t deny God’s “grace” throughout the year.  I even wound up being assigned to a dorm named “Charis” (the Greek word for grace.)

In 2009, the word was “worth.”  God spent that year teaching me where my worth and value comes from—from being His child, not from anything else—and showed me some of the talents and gifts He had given me that I could enjoy and use for Him.

This year, the word is “blessing.” Clearly, our adoption story has played out as a total, 100% blessing from God (and it’s the biggest blessing of our year, and possibly my life!) but there are a few stories that I’ve kept a little quieter.  I’ll spend my next post touching on them as a special way to start the New Year.  I’m so excited to share them with you!

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